How does CycloPowerâ„¢ work?

Friday, March 14, 2014 4:18:44 PM Pacific/Auckland

The power of CycloPower™ comes from the cyclodextrin molecule, which is like a protective circular cup that can carry a bioactive molecule.

When beneficial active ingredients are delivered into the body this way, the bioactivity is elevated. That means they will work more effectively, giving your body more of what it needs.

CycloPower illustration 1

Many factors can limit effectiveness
of natural bioactives

CycloPower illustration 2

CycloPower™ may address many
of these: taste, absorption, availability

CycloPower illustration 3

CycloPower™ was developed to protect
bioactives through the digestive system

CycloPower illustration 4

Slow release formula provides
long lasting delivery of bioactives


CycloPower™ can be purchased from The Manuka Shop:

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